Business Priming Funding

Business Priming Funding : Introduction

Our Priming Funding is designed to assist a micro-enterprise within the first 18 months of start-up.
It covers 50% of eligible costs, subject to a maximum Board contribution of €80,000. 
Funding is issued on a part grant, part repayable (0% loan) basis.

Business Priming Funding : Qualifying Expenses 

Expenditure may be considered under the following headings:-

  • Capital Items
    Office Equipment, Machinery, IT Hardware/Software & Fit out of Workspace.
    (The Acquisition of Building and Purchase of Mobile Assets are excluded).
  • Salary Costs
    These costs may include the salary of a promoter and/or employee and apply to the first 1st Year of
    Employment only. The maximum amount allowable under this category is €15,000 per full-time positions
    which carry a salary of €40,000 or more. Staff recruitment costs may also be considered eligible for grant aid.
  • Rental / Accommodation Costs
    Costs for 1st Year of Project will be considered.  
  • Marketing Costs
    These include Packaging, Brochures, Business Cards, Trade Fairs, Web Site Design & Development.
  • Consultancy Costs
    These include Design Fees, Patent Costs, Architect, Accountant and Legal Fees.
  • Business-Specific Training
    Specialised Management or Key Personnel Training Programmes that are required to support business.growth.
    Such courses should not be already be provided by the Enterprise Board.  
NB. Due to restricted budgets, our Board is currently considering applications to support the creation of new full or part-time promoter(s) and/or employees within qualifying micro-enterprises based in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown county. Of primary interest to us is the support of salaries but we may consider other expenses that will directly lead to job creation.

Business Priming Funding - Terms & Conditions

  • The Priming Funding covers 50% of qualifying expenses (excluding VAT), subject to a maximum Board
    contribution of €80,000. An application may comprise costs from one or more of the qualifying expense categories. Funding is issued on a repayable basis i.e. 0% loan with repayment over 36-60 month period.
    We can offer an up-front moratorium on repayments of up to 12 months.
  • Only Third Party costs qualify i.e. activities that a business promoter commissions others to undertake
  • An Application must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred
    i.e. Any expenditure incurred prior to the grant application date does not qualify
  • Board Payment will be made on receipt of proof of payment of all approved expenses
    The VAT element of expenses will not be covered by any grant offer
    Payments to state bodies, including local authoriies, are excluded
  • Successful Applicants must drawdown approved amounts within 6 months of receiving the letter of offer and
    must drawdown part or all of any approved amount in a maximum of two payments
  • The approval of all applications and the payment of all monies is dependant upon the availability of
    financial resources under this scheme from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & innovation

Is Your Business Eligible for Funding?

Want to know if we can fund your business? Check our Eligibility Criteria (Applies to Funding Only)
Or call us on (01) 494 8400. Find our How To Make an Application.

We request that you contact our Enterprise Board prior to submitting an application.


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