Marketing & Selling Online

The marketplace expects to be able to find your business online and there are a number of steps to be taken to make it happen.

  • Domain Name Registration. An annual charge is usually applied. The Irish hostmasters charge more for the use of a .ie domain than .com/.net/.biz/.org/.eu alternatives. An .ie domain name shows you're either a resident business in Ireland or are in some way associated with Ireland and requires the presentation of CRO documentation.
  • Hosting is the process of putting your website on an Internet server for 247/7 access. Most hosting companies offer a monthly package that includes a combination of storage space, email accounts, statistics packages and web language supports.
  • The Design & Development of the site involves creating the look, content & navigation structure. If you have the programming skills to do this yourself, well and good. If you are relying on a commerical web developers, ensure your business identity and message are reflected in the final site. You should develop a site that can be easily maintained through a Content Management Systems / 24 hour FTP access.

Top Tips!

Money spent on developing your website is an investment, so...

1. Prepare a budget - (fixed annual & ad hoc dev costs)
2. Make sure you are sold only what you need
3. Satisy yourself that there is good technical support available
4. Check developers' portfolios and ask for client references

Find a list of Web Serive Providers on IEDR.