Finance & Investment - Feasibility Grant

Feasibility Grant - Introduction

Our Feasibility Grant is designed to assist a business promoter(s) with researching market demand for a product or
service and with examining its sustainability. The Feasibility Grant covers 50% of qualifying expenses (excluding VAT),
subject to a maximum Board contribution of €20,000.

Feasibility Grant - Qualifying Expenses

Expenditure may be considered under the following category headings:-

  • Prototype / Innovation Costs

    Costs under this category may include Prototype Development, Innovative Design, Market Research Costs,
    Patent Costs and Third Level College Consultancy Fees
  • Consultancy Costs

    These include Design, Architect, Accountant and Legal Fees
  • Own Labour Research Costs *

    Costs in this category may include own labour involved in carrying out Research and/or Prototype Development.
    The maximum amount chargeable under this category is €400 per week, subject to the aggregate amount claimed
    under this category not exceeding 20%of over the total grant drawdown. (* This category of costs is only open
    to business promoters who are registered as unemployed at the time of application

Feasibility Grant - Terms & Conditions

  • The Feasibility Grant covers 50% of qualifying expenses (excluding VAT), subject to a maximum Board
    contribution of €20,000. An application may comprise costs from one or more of the qualifying expense categories.
  • Only Third Party costs qualify i.e. activities that a business promoter commissions others to undertake. 
    (With the exception of Own Labour Research for qualifying applicants)
  • An Application must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred
    i.e. Any expenditure incurred prior to any grant approval does not qualify
  • Board Payment will be made on receipt of proof of payment of all approved expenses
    The VAT element of expenses will not be covered by any grant offer
    Payments to state bodies, including local authorities, are excluded
  • Successful Applicants must drawdown approved amounts within 6 months of receiving the letter of offer and
    must drawdown part or all of any approved amount in a single payment
  • A Business may apply for Feasibility Study Funding in respect of a project that has already
    received funding under the Enterprise Ireland-administered 'Innovation Vouchers' initiative, provided the same activities are not funded twice.
  • The approval of all applications and the payment of all monies is dependent upon the availability of
    financial resources under this scheme from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation.

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